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7 January 2001

The Italian real estate owners

The house is a precious good, acquired with life savings, equipped with standard systems: electric, waterworks, sanitary fittings, heating system, supply comfort for a good life. It shelds us against cold and inclemencies giving a pleasant and comfortable environment to protect our privacy.
A piece of real estate

The owner has the large responsibility and task to take care of the maintenance of their real estate; it needs lots of resources and capitals, but Italian laws in addiction to high capital levy on real estate, make it difficult, if not possible. Italian heavy taxation (ici, invim, irpef, registry, tarsu, revenue stamps) affects the homeowner. Italian legislation gives no protection to the owner, but it punishes it

Italian Government realized the bad politic carried on about private houses, and tried to correct the existing lacking rules with temporary and insufficient measures. In example, restructuring tax break, building lease law, but they are insufficient to solve the current problems.

Consequences: unexpected landslides, gas outbreaks, floodings, inclemencies, earthquakes, aging, are in the spotlight. We must reconstruct, but to do it, we need capitals and movable goods. We need to get organized to protest, with the aim to obtain a drastic reduction of fiscal levy on the house and the chance to deduce from the yield all expenses supported for maintenance. Defend ourselves against who are not able to respect their house only because they are not the real owners and therefore they do not know how much house maintenance costs, and how much are the taxes concerning the house where they live (irpef, ici). Let's try to defend ourselves from Italian treasury greed which embezzles owners and renters resources to realize pharaonic works in honor to waste and uselessness (for example the new Palace of Justice in Turin and not only).

The Italian owners are in danger of expropriation, the Italian bureaucratic-legislative and fiscal regulations, that weigh on real estate (tarsu, ici, irpef, carriage gateway, invim, registration fee, etc) force owners to pay also where there is no yield, but only loss (looks at our page dedicated to lease and evictions), there is no more State of Right in Italy.
We request all the owners to join forces and let your voice be heard, writing letters or sending fax to several ministers, parliamentarians and senators, in order to report our trouble. We also request all the Italian real estate owners organizations of join forces and create a united and mainly incisive forehead on the plan of defense of the house and real estate owners.

We don't give consultancies on technical-legal topic, but if you want to suggest new topic to deal with, concerning house, condominium, taxes, bureaucracy, let it know, and write us. You can also write us to share your doubts, your problems and your initiatives you took to defend you real estate.

We give voice to the owners who write us. Among the houseowners, very often there is not unity, but divisions and quarrels, like the diatribe among neighbours, without counting quarrels born during the joint ownership riunions. We try to join, if possible, the houseowner in order to create a united and loyal forehead to be able "to count" much more and to influence more the decisions taken at governmental level for a major house protection and the owner's rights.

If you feel victim of injustness from pubblic institutions, if you have trouble with your neighbourhoods, or tenants, and ordinary bureaucracy instances that you want to tell or share with everyone, if you are fed up to waste your money in bureaucracy procedures, write us, send us an e-mail, we let your voice be heard publishing your complaint.

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